Air Charter Guide

The definitive air charter buyer's guide.

The Air Charter Guide™ has been called "The Bible" of and authoritative guide to the charter air industry. A one-of-a-kind charter buyer’s resource, the 900-page Guide provides contact and fleet details for commercially licensed aircraft operators in 148 countries worldwide

Since 1986, the Guide has been published twice a year and includes data not available in one resource anywhere else in print or online. Each edition is exhaustively updated with over a million changes. An indispensable tool to both charter customers with no prior experience and industry insiders, the Guide also includes articles about:

  • how to plan and book an air charter trip
  • catering and other charter-related amenities
  • the special needs of traveling celebrities
  • charter brokers
  • air ambulance providers
  • air cargo

The charter industry, the travel trade, executives, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals all rely on The Air Charter Guide as the best and only definitive resource on the topic of unscheduled aviation.

Why Subscribe?

The Air Charter Guide™ includes a variety of information that is not accessible online, including:

  • Geographical Operator Index -- operators are organized geographically by state and city within the US and by city and country in all other areas. Use this index to find an operator in a specific location.
  • Jet Aircraft Index -- all jet aircraft in a handy index by descending seating capacity. This section is useful if you have a larger group to move or if you absolutely must have a Lear 25 jet and nothing else will do.
  • Air Cargo Specifications -- detailed listings of maximum freight capacities for weight, cubic feet, doorway size and placement and floor bearing weight. Use this index to match specific freight with the appropriate operator and aircraft.
  • Air Ambulance Services -- detailed listings of aeromedical providers that qualify their level of service. Who is their medical director? Are all of their crews certified in flight medicine? Do they have Flight RN''s and Paramedics on staff? Are they fully equipped for ACLS?
  • Long-Range Executive Aircraft -- Long-range trips require a different standard of qualification than a hop to the next state. The book offers a section that qualifies individual aircraft and operators for this type of trip

You know that this information is important to you. Why not cover all of your bases and keep a print book?

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