Company Profile
Aero-Dienst remains on a course for continued growth even after the financial market crisis. For this purpose, we have enlarged our hangar space by 5,000 square meters and hired 50 additional employees. Our annual expenditure in further education amounts to approx. EUR 1 million. Above all, we wish to maintain the qualities that our team has exhibited for many decades - commitment, profound knowledge, and the personal relationship with the customer. That is what we stand for.
Primary Contact Information
Established: 1958          Fleet: 4          Pilots: 27 full time

Aircraft Type Category Seats Est. Price
Per Hour
DO-328J (328 JET)
Jet Airliner Ambulance Only N/A
DO-328J (328 JET)
Jet Airliner Ambulance Only N/A
LR-60XR (LEARJET 60) Mid Jet Ambulance Only N/A
BE-350 (SUPER KING AIR) TurboProp Ambulance Only N/A